Sophie Says Newsletter:  Exploring South America Part II

Jewelry Shopping in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil is known for its minerals and precious stones. It is an eye opener to see the huge gems with famous Brazilian emeralds, tourmalines in pink and green, milky white opals with pink, blue and green “fires”, blue aquamarines, and endless, nameless strings of quartz and other precious stones. Brazil is a heaven for gem shopping either for stones or jewelry with stones. The sky is the limit. If you are planning to drop some serious money for jewelry, make sure that your credit card companies are given heads up. Credit cards are readily accepted in major jewelry stores. Make sure that the jewelry shops give you a certificate of authenticity by weight, and type of stones so you know you are getting the real deal.
Shopping Tip: The secret to shopping for gems is to buy only the stones and send it to Asia for setting. Smaller diamonds and setting are better priced in Asia than in South America.

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