Sophie Says Newsletter: Exploring South America Part IV

Symphony heard from Iguazu Falls

Have you ever heard the symphony play at the Iguazu Falls, from soft notes of the creeks draining, plunging and finally ending in a thunderous crescendo of the waterfalls.  Frankly, Iguazu Falls did not sound too appealing.  As the saying goes, if you seen one, you have seen them all.  Much to my surprise, Iguazu Falls was much more than I had expected.  Niagara Falls pale by comparison!

Over 2,000 species of plants and animals live in this sub-tropical rain forest. Much of the trees, flowering plants, palm trees, moss, and wild impatiens were so beautiful to see them growing in the wild.  The variety of plant life and colors from vivid yellows to the wild gray moss dangling from tree tops offer some of the most varied fauna that one can find in one place collectively.  Although I did not get to see a lot of the animals at the Falls, I believe that it must be a place called home to a lot of animals and plants from the little that I get to see in two days.

The waterfalls is a paradise for butterflies.  They hovered and enjoyed the moisture suspended in the air that is emitted by the mist of the falls.  The colors from the butterflies were highly unusual, from orange and blacks with circles on its wings.  They come in all sizes and colors-reds, greens, and blues.  The falls is a natural habitat for these gorgeous wings in flight.

Beside the butterflies there are signs of animals such as coati which resemble a raccoon.  They are very aggressive with their raccoon claws when it comes to snatching food out of unsuspecting tourists’ hands. Giant ants are interesting to watch as they carry off large leaves on their backs.

If you get a chance to visit the Iguazu Falls the next time, please spend more time there and take in the sounds and whispers of the waters.  Your senses will be thrilled to be entertained by the wonderful surround sound that it has to offer!

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