My Experience with FANNYPANTS® Period Panties

I tend to toss around a lot when I am sleeping. So when I have my period, I find out the following morning my bed sheets get spotty.

After having being introduced to FANNYPANTS® I can happily say that I don’t have to wash my bed sheets every time my period strikes. The waterproof lining of my FANNYPANTS® period panties worn together with pads keep my bedsheets free from blood stains.  The panties are a worthwhile investment.  The waterproof lining (good for 200 washes) is odor proof as well.  Each period panty has a soft waterproof lining that keeps your whole back protected.

There is a wide selection of exciting colors and styles  to fit every mood and season of the year – from fresh pinks, bright aquas to lucky black dragons!  There are plenty of different styles and classical colors to choose from. The panties fit well, are very comfortable and don’t irritate the skin.

FANNYPANTS® period panties are an extra reinforcement meant to be worn with your choices of feminine products (this makes sense especially if you are on the go and quickly need to change). However, if you are an Eco-friendly enthusiast, FANNYPANTS® also sells reusable pads at their store under the incontinence section.

With FANNYPANTS®, you can have a good night’s sleep and not worry about spotting the sheets.

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