Incontinence and Golfing

If you love golfing, but hate the worry and anxiety that comes with spending long periods of time on the golf course (far away from the bathroom) Fannypants has good news for you!

Our award winning incontinence wear was designed specifically for men and women (with urinary incontinence) who desire to live an active life without the constant worry that comes with incontinence and golfing, running, working out at the gym or just about any other active sport or activity.

Incontinence isn’t just a bothersome little annoyance.  Many people with urinary incontinence have given up their passion from golfing to clubs and social activities, even driving long distances to see their grand kids. There are some folks who are  too embarrassed to even talk to their physician about the problem.

Although it’s never a good idea to keep any medical condition (including urinary incontinence) from your physician, Fannypants is happy to have helped thousands of golfers, runners, and grandparents alike in being able to maintain a very active life-while eliminating the worrisome problem of urinary leakage.

Fannypants offers a great lineup of incontinence underwear for men and women with washable removable, innovative 4 layer moisture (and odor) wicking technology.  The underwear is available in a wide selection of great colors and styles to fit anyone’s taste.  No more worrying about bulky pads, unstable incontinence products or leaking-allowing you to keep your mind on what’s really important-your golf game!

We also offer  a great selection of active wear for women who want to stay dry and comfortable while on the golf course.  Fannypants activewear offers contemporary style, comfort, pants and tops are designed for function and fashion on and off the golf course. Choose from our selection of yoga pants and tank tops designed with special wicking technology, absorbs moisture, controls odor and keeps your skin dry and fresh. Fannypants is highly committed to keeping you dry, comfortable and confident on the golf course, clubhouse and everywhere else you go!  So get back in the game today-with the help of Fannypants protection activewear!

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