Sophie Says Newsletter: Exploring South America Part III

Dining in Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian cuisine is a true reflection of the land with its tropical fruits and fiber-filled vegetables. Each morning, breakfast is a feast of colors with sultry fruits, juices, scrambled eggs (runny version), bacon, and dozens of local sweet breads and pastries.

A distinctive feature of Brazilian food is the blending of Brazilian “roots” found in tapioca that then are converted into savory or sweet crepes, plantains, black beans, plenty of fresh tropical fruits such as mangoes, melons, papayas, bananas, and oranges. Brazilian juices are often unsweetened and bland in their natural states (unlike sweetened American juices). No Brazilian menu is complete without their churrascaria eateries offering all you can eat barbeque meats and huge salad bars. A must mention is the empadas — fried or baked pies – one can hardly pass up for that quick picker upper throughout the day.

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