Exploring Cozumel, Mexico

After a few days navigating the Atlantic, our cruise ship landed at the port of Cozumel, Mexico. The weather was quite unbelievable since it wasn’t humid or dry; it was just perfect for Mexico’s gorgeous aquamarine crystal waters.

We visited the ruins of an ancient village built by the Mayans, a native Mexican civilization infamous for their stone-carved calendar, now exhibited in the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico’s City.

The village’s ruins are hidden in the middle of a jungle-like terrain where natural clefts were used to keep water and other harvested crops safe for animals and kids. If you ever visit this historical site, make sure to bring a camera to document your travels, some SPF for the sun and your wallet since you will meet some vendors at the entrance selling sterling silver, folkloric dresses and hand-woven name-bracelets that will make great gifts and souvenirs.

We also stopped at The Mayan Cacao Company, a small museum/organic store where we were greeted by chocolate pozole tacos made with organic corn tortillas.

The Mayans were also cocoa harvesters and producers; so we got to experience a demonstration of how raw cocoa was made back then. I had no idea that cocoa beans were opened by hand!

At the end of the demonstration we got to taste the local chocolate and choose from a variety of cocoa infused beverages and edibles such as piña coladas, margaritas and nut and fruit chocolate bars

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