Exploring South America – Part V – Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Capital of Argentina

Who can miss Andrew Lloyd Weber’s musical Evita made famous by the song “Don’t cry for me Argentina?” Anyone who has seen the musical of Evita will want to visit Argentina and experience first-hand what the country feels like. Stereotypes of Evita still ring true today with Eva Peron waving from balconies with her shining blond hair tied back in a chignon. It was like she never left Argentina.

The city of Buenos Aires has a European aura to it; one can never forget the Blue Jacaranda trees blooming all around. From the architecture, European immigrants, cafés, arts and music, you forget that you are in South America; Running between locations, making it on time for the group tango lessons to the dinner by the wharf takes a lot of planning. As you take things in stride, activewear becomes a necessity to help transition from a tango dinner show to a tour of Teatro Colon (opera house). The women in Argentina are gorgeous in a casual understated kind of way. Their tight pants are ready to be unleased in a moment’s notice of a tango dance movement. It is amazing.


A day trip to a gaucho’s farm to see him herding the horses and cows with his dogs in tow is lots of fun. And to live up to your expectations, the gauchos are dressed in all their traditional gaucho clothes complete with scarves, knives, waist bands (fajas), trousers(bombachas de campo), campero hats, and riding boots. I was impressed by the versatility of the gauchos as they go around the tables serving skewered meats barbecued over open fire in the ranch. Next, you will see the same men on their horse backs herding groups of horses and cows. Obviously, this is a touristy setup. Nevertheless, for the short time we have in Buenos Aires, it was as close as we can get to seeing a working farm with animals and gauchos. It was a short horseback riding exercise, and frankly, I was not sure if I can climb on the horse without slipping off! Again, I must stress the importance of dressing right inside and out!

Argentina is well known for their tangos. It was a treat to see it upfront and close-up. The music was kind of old world with accordion melodies and though I do not tango, I can appreciate the skills for each careful maneuver, hooks, slides, and everything in between the legs and torsos!

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