Wife Appreciation Day 2015

A wife is an important member to a family. She’s oftentimes the one who holds an entire household together and takes care of her husband even if it means less time for herself. And she’s always the person to lean on to when times get tough. Although she deserves to be appreciated every day of the year, she does get one day to herself to enjoy a bit of pampering or to at least get complimented about the importance of what she does.

On the third Sunday of September (this year it’s September 20, 2015), wives get recognized for the vital role they play in a household, both as a significant other and possibly as a mother. Originally, this holiday was just meant to celebrate the role women who don’t have children play in a family. You know the fact that they provide moral support to their husbands and for all the little tasks they complete that tend to go unrecognized. However, this doesn’t mean that women who have children shouldn’t get to partake in this holiday. These ladies deserve to gain recognition for more than just being a mother.

So what should men do for the ladies that complete them? The possibilities are endless. A simple note stating why she plays a vital role in his life or a card doing the same will suffice. A poem is an inexpensive way to show gratitude as well and so is a massage or making her breakfast in bed. Flowers, jewelry or candy works while a candle or body wash is useful. A man may want to take his special someone to dinner, movie or a show. She would appreciate a spa day where she can relax and pamper herself as a reminder of how hard she works.

The exact origin of the holiday is unknown. However, wives everywhere are thankful to whoever gave them their own day. They’re thrilled someone took notice of their undying love and support.

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