How to Take a Perfect Nap

How difficult is it to take a perfect nap? Recently, I had a difficult task of asking my grandson to take a nap in the afternoon. He would rather play than take a nap. So we played a game of 40 winks, and if he should open his eyes, we would start our 40 winks all over again. We only had to do 40 winks twice, before he was sound asleep. If you are like the little boy, who simply cannot and will not take a nap, try the 40 winks and then some tips on taking naps,

1. Find a dark, quiet place,
2. Lie down,
3. Go undercover to regulate your body’s temperature,
4. Focus on slow, deep breaths to bring a sense of calm,
5. Set a timer without worrying about over napping. (An ideal nap is 20 minutes)

Naps have been known to prolong your longevity and well being. Some famous names who take naps seriously daily include,

• Winston Churchill,
• Lyndon B. Johnson,
• John F. Kennedy,
• Ronald Reagan.

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