How to Grow Daylilies

Daylilies are perennials, meaning they grow throughout the year. They usually flourish from Minnesota to Florida, can grow in a variety of types of soil, are not bothered by pests or diseases and bloom with practically no care. Daylilies open early in the day and die by nightfall. Its stem has many flower buds that stay in bloom several weeks.

Planting Care

It is best to plant Daylilies in full sun on moist yet well-drained soil. If you live in very hot weather it is recommended to plant them whenever they can rest under the shade during some hours of the day. When planted in the right location, Daylilies will bloom for years with little attention. Daylilies do not need fertilization other than a yearly dose of compost.

Adjust the soil with a bit of compost before planting Daylilies. Space the plants 12-18 inches apart. Water well and mulch with bark to keep its moisture and stop weeds from growing.


A required chore to maintain your beautiful Daylilies garden is to divide them. After some time, the flower clump will get crowded and flowering will start to cease. Use a knife or sharp object to separate the healthy younger plants from the stronger root systems and throw away the small and dead plants.

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