6 Things a Successful Woman Would Never Say

“I never go on vacation”
– Successful women know how important it is to prioritize their personal time and space. This means going on vacation to disconnect from their work and recharge their batteries.

“It’s not fair”
– Reality vs. being a victim. Successful women are aware that life is tough and sometimes you don’t get what you hoped for. They focus on what they can do with what they have and make the best out of it.

“They don’t pay me enough”
– We all know that sometimes feeling like we deserve more is not out of the question but hey, smart women know that an attitude like that one will not take them far. Instead, they focus on working that extra mile that will most likely bring them that promotion.

“Yes” (to everything)
– The art of saying no, a successful woman’s best friend. We can’t be everywhere all the time so kindly decline that event you were invited to but can’t go because you work early tomorrow.

“I don’t have the time”
– If you don’t want to do something, don’t say you don’t have time to do it. We all have time in our 24 hrs days! Instead, if someone asks you to do X, just kindly say that you won’t be able to do so because right now your energy and focus is on Y and Z.

“I don’t know how”
– Successful women always find ways to get things done. They research, observe, ask questions and learn.

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