Incontinence Wear – National Underwear Day


To celebrate underwear, a company called Freshpair which sells underwear online started this trend of recognizing and displaying underwear at Times Square, New York, with fashion models, catwalks, stylists, and people who are brave enough and want to make a statement to show up in their underwear. That’s how National Underwear Day (August 5) was born! There is an age restriction. No one less than 18 years old can participate or show up wearing their underwear for the event. I wonder if there is an age restriction for someone who is in his/her nineties?

Fannypants Underwear

Fannypants, is a leading designer of incontinence underwear, and was awarded the Top Innovation Award by Apparel Magazine in 2014. Fannypants is a voice for 33 million men and women who suffer from urinary bladder leakages for reasons beyond their control. Some of these reasons are as a result of prostate surgery, pregnancies, medications, strokes, diabetes and through natural process of aging. Together with Freshpair, we would like to bring attention to underwear through a different pair of lens. Our goal in life is to design and produce underwear for this class of men and women who have different needs because of their lifestyles and physical conditions.

For those with special needs of underwear protection provided only from Fannypants, try out our undies. We have an impressive range in light incontinence panties for women and briefs for men.

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