National Grandparents Day 2015

Grandparents Day falls on a Sunday, September 13, 2015.

No doubt, restaurants will do a brisk business when grandparents are invited out for brunches and dinners. Florists will also have a busy time delivering flowers to grandparents both near and far. By the way, forget-me-not is officially the flower for National Grandparents Day.

In a recent trip to Alaska, grandparents proudly talked about their adventures with their grandchildren. One spoke of traveling with their grandchildren to visit Yosemite National Park in a caravan. Another grandparent spoke of taking their grandchildren fishing. Another grandmother offers to pay for trips anywhere in the world they like to visit upon High school graduation. One even took her up on the offer of sailing across the Atlantic in the Queen Mary! Grandchildren who travel and spend time with their grandparents can either have a wonderful experience or be totally bored!

Among some of my favorite memories for my Grandparents Day montage are:

A Buffalo hunter by the name of Crego and songs from the great plains,

A Laotian grandmother who fled from Laos overland with her daughters and who now lives in Paris in her nineties,

A Chinese bride who was betrothed to marry a man she had never met. The story is that she was going to commit suicide on her way to marry her betrothed, after discovering that he already had a family prior to her arrival. This suicide attempt was aborted because the family intervened after discovering opium in her belongings.

Happy Grandparents Day. Hope your Grandparents Day is as memorable as mine!

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