After having being introduced to FANNYPANTS® I can happily say that I don’t have to wash my bed sheets every time my period strikes. The waterproof lining of my FANNYPANTS® period panties worn together with pads keep my bedsheets free from blood stains.  The panties are a worthwhile investment.  The waterproof lining (good for 200 washes) is odor proof as well.  Each period panty has a soft waterproof lining that keeps your whole back protected. Period Panties

Actions speak louder than words. Later this month, I will be placing my 3rd order for K3. These items are not inexpensive. To me, it seems that when a customer repeatedly orders the same product AND is willing to spend the money, then the company is (1) obviously doing something right, and (2) providing a really great product. For my needs and purposes, K3 is so comfortable and well made, that I would purchase them regardless of the leakage protection factor. What I am trying to say is that this is just a great product PERIOD !!!! K3 Incontinence Panties

I bought these to use while I am running. When I first put them on, I thought, WOW these are so comfortable, I could wear them all day! When I put on my running shorts that already have built-in lining, the panties felt a bit bulky–but I am accustomed to running without panties, so that may not bother you. And once I got running, they didn’t rub or chafe. They will leave a pantyline if you are wearing compression shorts/tights, but regular running shorts, no pantyline. The VERY SLIGHT sensation of an extra layer on my bottoms is worth the great feeling of security for my “little squirts.” True to size. I wear a size 7-8 large/XL in regular panties and I ordered the XL. The wide band is VERY comfortable and doesn’t cause “muffin top.” Katherine on Balance incontinence panties

“The Fannypants men’s underpants for protection against moderate incontinence are the best products of this kind I have seen. The microfiber textile is far better than cotton for rapid drying, for odor reduction, and for durability. The removable and reusable absorbent pads are superior to sewn-in pads for the same reasons. In addition, the reusable pads are less bulky to carry (when traveling), and they stay in position better (using plastic snaps) as compared to disposable pads. They also do not present a trash disposal problem.” – Bill, Texas on Denali incontinence briefs

“Men should particularly appreciate the fact that the Fannypants reusable pads can be changed easily without having to get dressed again; this, combined with the easier drying, contributes to greater comfort during the day.” – Richard, Cincinnati on Apollo incontinence briefs

“I just returned from a wonderful 2 week trip to India. Part of my travels included long flights, adventurous rickshaw rides and lots of walking. I wore Fannypants Smartwear each day, had no embarrassing accidents, and when I experienced some leakage – I wasn’t inconvenienced. During restroom breaks I just changed to a new protective pad and got on with my day. I felt comfortable, safe and dry the entire trip! Thanks Fannypants, you have a great product.”  – K.S on Balance incontinence panties

“The most comfortable thong I have ever worn! I don’t have incontinence but they are still perfect for the avid runner like myself. They kept me comfortable during the most humid and sweatiest run.” – Sara M. on Rio incontinence thong

“Great quality, convenience, style and comfort.” – K.K on Paris incontinence panties

“I bought your Viva style at the Women & Wine event in Arlington. I love them, especially for traveling!” – P.H on Viva incontinence panties

“Didn’t feel like I was wearing a pad! Amazingly comfortable panty with a nice look.” – K.M on Venice incontinence panties

“Thank you for making this product. I have been searching for a great product that made me feel like I wasn’t in a hospital when I was traveling with my niece and nephews on our many trips. I feel like super aunty now!! We can sit for the entire Broadway show without having to run to find those crowded bathrooms. Thank you!!!” – Sheila Perkins on del Sol incontinence panties

“Stopped leaks, even on cold days!” – T.B on Venice incontinence panties

“I love the quality! It was a life-saver on my birthday!” – M.W on Sunrise incontinence panties

“It kept me dry and smelling fresh!” – P.L on Sunrise incontinence panties

“I needed more yoga style pants so I bought two pair on Amazon. They are great and I stopped wearing jeans and these fit my very casual lifestyle. ” – Judy Y. on Capris

Learn why Fannypants incontinence panties for women is winning customers’ love.

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