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TEENY Bikini Period Panties

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New period panties for teens! Made with a high-tech stretchable material inside and out to keep you protected from stains and odor during that time of the month when extra reinforcements are needed.

Soft, flexible, elastic waistbands that make it super cool, simple and chic! For a good night’s sleep, the full-back lining helps keep your sheets protected during periods. Nobody would even come close to guessing that it is a panty for that time of the month.

Product Description

• Underwear with moisture proof lining
• Designed for fit and comfort for sports and periods
• Anti microbial
• Moisture proof
• Designed for fit and comfort for sports and periods
• Stain proof
• Odor control
• Doesn’t include pads

TEENY Period panties are made to use with pads, tampons and menstrual cups.

FABRIC CONTENT: Polyester, Spandex

Made in U.S.A


Our leak-proof Period Panties are constructed with the newest technology leaving you free from worries and concerns throughout the day. FANNYPANTS® Period Panties are constructed with special textiles and an Award-Winning technology, both working together to absorb leakage and control odor. The outer-layer is composed of a cutting-edge wicking material that is soft to the skin and wicks sweat during any activity. The inner water proof gusset’s lining blocks stains with its anti-microbial technology and acts as a protective buffer between your outer clothing and you.

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10, 14, 12, 8, 16


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