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SMARTPLUS® (6 Pads with 3 Layers) – With Snap Buttons

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SMARTPLUS® are made with snap buttons in order to wear with our Award-Winning reusable panties for incontinence. 3 layers of microfiber with a eucalyptus core to ensure lasting comfort and protection all day! These comfortable pads are made from super soft non-allergic fabrics with odor control technology. Great solution for women’s light to moderate incontinence. Keeps you dry and comfortable when you need it most!

• High Absorbency
• Odor Control
• Holds up to 12 teaspoons of liquid
• Removable & reusable
• Machine Washable
• Eco-Responsible
• Chemical Free


Travel Pouch

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Product Description

SMARTPLUS® (6 Pads with 3 Layers) – With Snap Buttons include six three-layer pads and a wallet-size plastic pouch with two pockets to store dry and used pads as well as small accessories.

MATERIALS: Poly, Viscose

Designed and made in the U.S.A

Additional Information

Weight .25 lbs


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