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High-performance shorts for the athlete in you! They feature an odor-proof lining made for a healthy and sweaty-active lifestyle. They are a combination of shorts, briefs and underwear for comfort and versatility. No extra weight nor layers needed.

Product Description

• Durable, wicking technology
• With Inside pocket
• Water resistant against all leaks
• Odor control
• Fully lined gusset for antimicrobial and moisture protection
• Soft elastic waistband to hold you up with every move you make
• Stretchable

GUSSET CONTENT: 100% Polyester

CARE: Wash in cold water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach/chlorine. Line dry. Guaranteed 200 washes for waterproofing and anti-microbial.

Made in USA


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XS (Teens Size 16), Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, 2XLarge, 3XLarge

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  1. 1 out of 5


    I started using fannypants after my first child and I was experiencing bladder leaks when returning to sports. I jog, play sports with a lot of starting and stopping, and do activities with jumping. End result, a lot of leaking. Fannypants have been great overall and I am comfortable exercising in public with them on! When using them in a lot of heat or if I haven't been able to change the pad after exercising for awhile (i.e. a tournament over the course of a few hours), I have experienced some chafing with all of them. I have tried the following so far and will summarize my experiences with each for you: Bali (size medium) - this is a super cute choice but I don't like the plasticky lining. I can use this for a jog or one activity but if I can't get to a washroom to change the pad right when I need, once the pad is full, the panty can't absorb the urine and it just feels uncomfortable. Also, I can't take out the pad and continue doing stuff (i.e. go for a coffee, do errands or cleaning, play with child) because of the icky feel of the plastic, so unless I can change my clothes right away (not always a given with an infant!), I don't use this panty. The panty itself looks great. I got a size medium (size 8 usually) and it is comfy and roomy; I might consider a small in the future. Freedom (size medium) - this is my favourite. It's nothing special to look at, just a simple black undie, but it's light and comfortable. Again, lots of room in a size medium (I'm a size 8 in most clothes) and a small might be appropriate on a future purchase. K3 (size medium) - this was my first purchase. It's cute but the medium fit a bit awkwardly on my frame and I worried that I would need a large for future purchases. Glad I didn't go that route because the other two I tried fit much larger. Not a lot of give in this one and the result was some chafing. I also tried Road Warrior Shorts but the medium is way too snug for me and I would never wear them without shorts overtop, even though it says they are shorts and underwear all in one. They don't have a lot of give to them and really emphasize my muffin top. :) Also, they don't have a liner/pad area, so they don't help the leaking problem. End result, I'd need to wear underwear, these and then shorts/pants on top. They have not been used and sit on the bottom of the underwear drawer.

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