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Bali - Blue
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Bali – Blue – Period Panties

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Bali Period Panties are a must in every girl and woman’s drawers. Their anti-microbial technology controls odor and keeps you feeling fresh throughout the day. The inner gusset is made with water-proof textiles that prevent spotting and act as a protective buffer between your outer clothing and you.

These Period Panties come with machine-washable and removable (5-layer) Maxi Period SMARTPAD®(s) that absorb leakage and control odor in order to keep you protected during that time of the month. Change pads in just a few seconds when needed and keep feeling nice and worry-free. Panties and pads come with snap buttons in order to secure the pad.

Bali’s color band takes the “boring” out of the equation and makes it a period panty with a difference. The briefs are sporty and have high-tech stretchable materials.


Travel Pouch
2 Maxi Period SMARTPAD®

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Travel Pouch

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Product Description

FABRIC CONTENT: Nylon, Lycra, Polyester

CARE: Wash in cold water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach. Line dry.

MADE in the U.S.A


Our leak-proof Period Panties are constructed with the newest technology leaving you free from worries and concerns throughout the day. FANNYPANTS® Period Panties are constructed with special textiles and an Award-Winning technology, both working together to absorb leakage and control odor. The outer-layer is composed of a cutting-edge wicking material that is soft to the skin and wicks sweat during any activity. The inner water proof gusset’s lining blocks stains with its anti-microbial technology and acts as a protective buffer between your outer clothing and you.

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Three Pads, One pad


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