Washable Incontinence Pads

How Many Times You can Reuse?

There is slew of pads in the market today from major name brands to new one coming on to the market.

The top 3 categories among them are as follows,

  1. Reusable,
  2. Washable,
  3. Disposables,

Fannypants Incontinence SMARTPADS: Fannypants is marketing an innovative brand of new incontinence pads for men and women.   Their pads which are being patented for multiple washes for men and women.   Fannypants washable pads are uniquely different from other washable pads. Their pads are made of three multiple layers of absorbent fabrics which feel soft next to the skin. In addition, the pads also absorb seven times more liquid than cotton. The reusable incontinence pads are easy to wash and dry in washing machines and dryer. What distinguishes Fannypants pads is they are guaranteed to last 200 washes without falling apart. Here’s a quick summary of how Fannypants compare with other panties and pads.

How Fannypants incontinence panties and pads compare with others

Because of the nature of incontinence and the unpredictability of bladder leakages, there are both pros and cons to washable, reusable, and disposable pads. In the long run, disposable pads are more expensive than washable pads. There are certain advantages associated with disposables as well in terms of convenience especially while traveling. It can also be a personal preference choice.

To get the best of both worlds for incontinence pads, consumers with urinary problems can pick and choose either from washable, reusable, and disposable pads. Or they can mix them up depending on nature of time and place.

CAUTION: Do not reuse disposables to save money. They have been known to cause urinary bladder infections.

Consider Fannypants panties with SMARTPAD if you have light to moderate incontinence.

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