Washable Incontinence Pads & Other Things You Didn’t Know Could Go In The Washing Machine

Fannypants has created Washable Incontinence Pads for our entire line of Incontinence panties.

Here are the care for the pads and we promise that they can handle the wash. Want some more items to go in the Washing Machine as well ….

Here is fannypants top ten:

1) Car Mats

Ok … Your car mats are beyond salvaging. maybe not! Throw this on the car mats for one hour before throwing in the wash

1 part Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (the original blue kind)
2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide
Mix together and pour directly on the stain.

Then put the car mats in the washing machine with detergent and let the magic happen. Hello clean car mats!!

2) Pillows

Pillows should be washed at least twice a year. Check the care label to confirm that your pillow (down or synthetic) can be machine washed – most can be. Use mild liquid detergent rather than a powder to avoid residue. Wash a pair of pillows together to keep the machine balanced and run them through the rinse cycle twice to rinse them fully.

Drying Pillows:

For down and feathers, use the air cycle and dry very fully. Make sure they are completely dry as dampness left in the pillow can lead to mold. For synthetics, use the low heat setting as high heat can cause clumping. Throwing in a couple of tennis balls wrapped in white socks during the dryer cycle helps to refluff the pillows without transferring dyes.

3) Curtains

Be careful because the sun does strange things to fabrics, and the fibers become weakened.

  • Always wash your curtains on the delicate cycle. Even if the fabric is thick and you think they can withstand a heavier cycle, stick to washing in delicate.
  • If your draperies are heavily soiled, wash in warm water if the manufacturers label recommends it. Otherwise, it is best to wash your curtains in cold water to keep shrinking and fading to a minimum.
  • If your curtains are dark colors, it’s worth the money to invest in a detergent specially designed not to fade color.
  • No matter what the color or pattern, you can also use a detergent like Woolite designed for delicate fabrics when you wash them.

Always dry your curtains on a gentle cycle (tumble dry is best) with low or no heat. It might take longer, but it will definitely make your curtains last longer.

Drying your curtains with a hot cycle can set wrinkles, fade colors, and shrink the material. Even if you plan on hanging your curtains on a clothesline to dry, you should put them in the dryer for at least 15 – 20 minutes. It will help avoid wrinkles and ironing!

Don’t hang wet curtains back on their rods to dry. They can drip onto your carpet or flooring, and the gathers and folds will take too long to dry, possibly causing mildew.

On the other hand, don’t dry your curtains all the way in the dryer, either. You should machine dry them until they are still just slightly damp, then hang and arrange them back on the rods. The weight will help them hang better than if they were dried completely.

While you have damp curtains hanging, don’t open any windows, vacuum, dust, or otherwise clean the room. Your curtains will attract all the dirt and dust, and dirt on damp fabrics is likely to stain. Your work will be wasted!

4) Sneakers

Put your sneakers into a pillow case or mesh laundry bag. This prevents them from causing harm to your washing machine. If at all possible, wash your sneakers separately in a small sized load. Use cold water and half a cup of mild laundry detergent. Once the cycle is done, immediately remove your sneakers and put them somewhere flat and water-proof to air dry. Do stuff the insides with newspaper, if you don’t, your shoes will lose their shape. Also, wait until your sneakers are completely dry before wearing them again.

Warning — I am sharing to much — I have had to wash my tennis shoes for many embarrassing reasons. I don’t have surprises anymore (Thanks Fannypants) but it made me an expert on incontinence cleanups.

5) Gym bag

Wash your gym bag after three uses. For some this is every week. For others ….  not so much. A stinky gym bag is not a badge of honor (ask teenage boys). It’s just a stinky bag. Wash it. Having a exercise plan of three times a week will improve your overall health including incontinence symptoms.

6) School backpack

Wash the backpack for Thanksgiving break and President’s day at least!

7) Yoga Mat

See Gym bag. This includes the attack on the number of times you go to the gym.

8) Bath Toys

Pick a day of the month like the 17th. Wash all of your kids bath toys on or before the 17th of each month. Mildew loves bath toys. I don’t want to freak you out more than that.

9) Legos

I love picking up legos to wash them because this reduces the chance of me stepping on one late at night. Wash them with the bath toys.

10) Stuffed Animals

Wash them with your sneakers and dry them in the same area.

11) Bonus – Incontinence Pads Again

Fannypants are fashionable and have an award winning design. These were made by women for women for functionality and beauty. We have a reusable incontinence solution that is planet friendly. We take on the challenge of incontinence and we would love your business.

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