Incontinence Panties Can Help Your Yoga Training

Incontinence Panties Can Help with Yoga Training Program

While you might think you’re the only one with incontinence issues… you’re not the only one with weak pelvic floors.  When was the last time you brought up the subject at length with your friends?  So…what can you do to help the situation?

Believe it or not… Yoga Can Help With Incontinence. Here’s how yoga can help with your problem:

  • Practicing yoga on a regular basis can help make those pelvic muscles supporting the bladder stronger.
  • Stronger pelvic muscles mean less trips to the bathroom and more control.
  • Recent studies show leakage reduced as much as 70% after only a few weeks
  • If you experience incontinence every time you cough, laugh, or sneeze, yoga can help with this too.

In the meantime… while you’re doing sports you might need protection.

Fortunately for women there’s a company in Virginia that understands incontinence.  Fannypants can provide you with the protection you need without worrying about the occasional light bladder leakage. While you’re practicing your yoga you can wear incontinence panties from their new Smartwear Panty line. Fannypants incontinence panties can look like pretty panties to give you that feeling of confidence, health and wellness and most of all control. It is time to stop worrying every time you cough – order your Fannypants today at In the meantime try some yoga!

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