Embarrassed with your gym clothing?

Don’t be. When heading out to the gym, you don’t have to look like a schlep. You can look chic, sporty and look the part. It is important to wear clothes that are comfortable and express yourself in so many different ways such as colors, logos and accessories. You can look the perfect part, get some workout accomplished, and maybe even get a date thrown in.

Some gym clothes you aren’t embarrassed to wear out includes,

1. A good sports bra which can double as a stylish under layer on top of your gym top,
2. A good pair of gym pants, capri length or full length for that yoga session. Preferably the pants stay up when doing workouts. If there is a moisture issue due to a weak pelvic floor while exercising, make sure that there is some protection for accidental leaks. Fannypants capri yoga pants are made from fabrics that have wicking, odor control and absorbent linings for moisture control. The pants are made with a full rise to prevent the waist from constant falling down when exercising.
3. A fantastic top to play off contrasting colors with pants and bras,
4. A jacket/hoodie for cooler weathers,
5. A good gym bag to hold the incidentals,
6. A watch to tell the time,
7. A good pair of sunglasses if you have to workout outside, or fit in with your gym clothes and everyday look,
8. A baseball cap for men,
9. A set of headphones that sound awesome and look great,
10. Lastly, and very important to invest in a good pair of sneakers, because they are going to be your best friend for a while.

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