High-Performance Exercising With Leaks

If you are a woman who experiences stress incontinence (high performance exercising with leaks), you may be interested to learn there is a product designed specifically with you in mind. There’s no need to adjust your active lifestyle just because of a minor to moderate problem with incontinence. Fannypants offers an award winning line of…

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Leak Proof Underwear, Innovation and Latest Trends

If you are one of 25 million Americans with incontinence, you may be interested to learn that Fannypants® incontinence wear is award winning underwear and work out attire designed specifically for men and women who have mild to moderate incontinence. Fannypants® offers a great lineup of stylish attire with 4-layer protection technology that provides moisture…

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Workout Pants for Women – What You Should Look For

What features are women looking for in their workout pants? Apart from new fabrics, with varying degrees of blend for comfort and style, there are different styles of workout pants for women. They come in both fitted and relaxed styles, from capris to bootlegs in fresh colors and in your favorite black fabric. With black,…

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