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Active Post-Partum Moms

You are not alone if you are a new mom with post-partum (after childbirth) urinary incontinence! Moms who  had delivered their babies through vaginal births than those who had C-sections deliveries  are much more likely to develop stress urinary incontinence.  In fact, according to Roger Goldberg, physician, director of University of Chicago research project, “Even…

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Hillary Clinton’s Bathroom Break

2016 is an important election year in America.  It seems that anything goes including Hilary Clinton’s delay in returning to her debating podium from one of her bathroom breaks.  A recent article published in The Huffington Post named, “Biology Doesn’t Write Laws: Hillary Clinton’s Bathroom Break” is a perfect example of political rhetoric at its…

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High-Performance Exercising With Leaks

If you are a woman who experiences stress incontinence (high performance exercising with leaks), you may be interested to learn there is a product designed specifically with you in mind. There’s no need to adjust your active lifestyle just because of a minor to moderate problem with incontinence. Fannypants offers an award winning line of…

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7 Reasons to Be Wearing Fannypants’ Maxi SMARTPAD®

(Note: can be used for both incontinence and periods) If you are searching for a great leak proof product for incontinence, or to use as a monthly period pad, here are 7 reasons to be wearing Fannypants’ Maxi SMARTPAD®; 1. First and foremost, Fannypants’ Maxi SMARTPAD® incontinence and period pads are effective. The award winning…

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Eco-Friendly Leak-Proof Products

If you are like most American’s with incontinence, you may be shocked to learn that adult disposable incontinence products occupy as much as 7% of all landfills-this translates to a whopping 17.5 million tons of garbage. Adult disposable incontinence products are the 3rd largest consumer item found in United States landfills. The staggering landfill statistics…

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Leak Proof Underwear, Innovation and Latest Trends

If you are one of 25 million Americans with incontinence, you may be interested to learn that Fannypants® incontinence wear is award winning underwear and work out attire designed specifically for men and women who have mild to moderate incontinence. Fannypants® offers a great lineup of stylish attire with 4-layer protection technology that provides moisture…

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