St. Patrick’s Day for Those with Urinary Incontinence

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, many people plan to partake in the yearly tradition of drinking green beer and well, drinking green beer! That’s kind of what St. Patrick’s Day has evolved into in the U.S. today. But what about the millions of people diagnosed with urinary incontinence?

It’s important to note that drinking large amounts of any type of fluid (even water) can aggravate bladder problems such as overactive bladder (OAB), neurologic bladder and other disorders. Alcohol is a diuretic-meaning it causes you to produce more urine than normal, as it quickly moves through your system. Alcohol also irritates the bladder. The result is an increased urge to urinate-even for those who don’t have any type of urinary incontinence.

Most experts say if you want to address incontinence, limit the intake of alcoholic beverages. Proactive measures such as staying physically fit and quitting smoking while limiting coffee and alcohol can really improve symptoms of OAB and other bladder problems. “Limiting the amount of alcohol you consume to one drink a day can help,” says John L. Phillips, M.D., program director of urology at New York Medical College, in Valhalla, New York.

According to Web M.D.; “Limit caffeine and alcohol, which make you produce more urine.” “You’ll run to the toilet all day long,” says medical expert May M. Wakamatsu, MD, at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Heavy drinking could result in long term complications such as nerve damage (called neuropathy) which could actually be a primary perpetrator when it comes to incontinence. So if you have urinary incontinence and plan to get involved in this year’s festivities on St. Patrick’s Day-moderation is the key. Better yet, try drinking non-alcoholic beverages. Your bladder will thank you.

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