Why Is It So Hard To Make Jeans for Baby Boomers?

Blue jeans are as old as the good old American pie. It is part and parcel of being American. Not only are blue jeans an American uniform for the young, they also remain a uniform of women as they age. So why is it so difficult to find a good pair of blue jeans that will fit?

The answer is that as men as well as women age, the metabolism rate, weight distribution, together with a variety of other bodily changes including bladder changes affect our sizing for clothing. Therefore, sizing for jeans is not very forgiving when it comes to sizing for waist and thighs. Jean companies continue to produce jeans the same way they have been for ages. They have not taken into consideration changes with the body profiles to make necessary adjustments for fit and comfort.

Top two things women look for in jeans are,

1. Fit and
2. Comfort

Not too much to ask in jeans. Yet, why is it difficult to find a pair of jeans that will do both, fit and give comfort?

There are a few companies that have made a name for themselves for exactly that reason, i.e. offer women a pair of jeans that make them look good and slim and fit around the waist, thighs, and legs. We know that there has been lots of changes in clothing with technology that allows for stretch, cling, and comfort. Women baby boomers would like to be able to wear their “uniforms” with slight change to accommodate changes in their body. Some company names to look out for are,

Not Your Daughter’s Jeans,

Good old Levi’s,

And Chicos.

Not forgetting that Fannypants® will go well with any of the Levi’s jeans to give that snug, huggy look that baby boomers still love to look their best!

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