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The future is here! With our Award-Winning patented technology, you will be safe and covered during any activity you perform.

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Sophia Parker, FANNYPANTS® CEO, has an MBA in Science and wants to keep you updated on bladder-leaks news, travel adventures and more...
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After-thoughts from experienced urologists, athletes, active beginners, travelers, long commuters, comfort-driven personalities and new moms...

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Our Most Popular Items:

Freedom PLUS Set + Maxi SMARTPAD® $108 Active Wear Warrior Shorts $35.00 Orca Men's Set of 4
Denali Briefs for Men
Travel Pouch [Washable] $25.99

FANNYPANTS® and Walgreens

Time to celebrate! Our Freedom panties are now available at select Walgreens stores.

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Get in with the Eco-Friendly!

FANNYPANTS® is proud to help not only the environment but also your pocket and closet as well.

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